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On Wednesday 11 April between 08:00-11:00 in the morning, you are invited to attend 2 symposia in room West 3:

         Dissecting meaning and role of elastography in liver disease, 08:00 – 09:30.

         EASL thanks EFSUMB for supporting skills in hepatology


         Challenging issues in patients with liver disease undergoing invasive procedures, 10:00 – 11:00.

Skills learning centre- Hands-on sessions

Hands-on practical activities will take place every evening from Thursday to Saturday 18:30 to 20:00 in the skills learning centre (hall 7.3). Delegates will meet in small groups and can take the opportunity to look, learn, ask questions, and test material used for procedures under the tutelage of experts in the field. This activity is presented in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during which delegates can talk with experts and ask an array of questions related to the practice of interventions in patients with liver disease.

Our Skills in Hepatology sessions are aimed at increasing the awareness of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and offer delegates the possibility of examining their knowledge and skills.

In the skills learning centre you will have access to 3 distinct areas:

EASL-EFSUMB: Non-invasive diagnostic methods



  • Acute medicine in hepatology: : Rob de Knegt, Netherlands
    • Sonography
  • Elastography: Rob de Knegt, Netherlands
  • Ultrasound: Fabio Piscaglia, Italy
    • Surveillance with ultrasound + bedside US
    • Doppler US in hepatology and liver transplantation
    • Interventional ultrasound and CEUS

Invasive methods: evaluation and procedures

  • Endoscopy: Andreas Cardenas, Spain
    • Endoscopy in patients with cirrhosis and esophageal / gastric varices:
      Diagnosis and therapy
  • Hepatic hemodynamics: Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou, France
    • Skills in liver hemodynamics and transjugular liver biopsy
  • Ablation of liver lesions: Christiane Kuhl, Germany
  • TIPS: Fanny Turon, Spain
    • TIPS placement: all you need to know

Emerging therapies

  • Alfapump®: Andrea de Gottardi, Switzerland
  • Extracorporeal liver assist devices: Rajiv Jalan, United Kingdom
    • MARS
    • Plasma Exchange
    • ELAD
    • UCL Bioartificial Liver
  • SX-ELLA Danis Stent: Angels Escorsell, Spain