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Viral hepatitis

On behalf of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), we are delighted to welcome you to Paris for the ILC 2018 EASL postgraduate course on “Viral hepatitis”.

Although potent antiviral medicines are available to combat hepatitis B and C, the achievement of the ambitious goals set by the WHO in 2016 regarding the elimination of viral hepatitis as a global health threat poses substantial challenges. From the public health standpoint, the identification of undiagnosed populations, a proper linkage to specialized care, and the unfettered access to potent antivirals are among the issues to be tackled. From the clinical point of view, proper management requires careful assessment of patients’ features, including past treatment history, characterization of specific viral strains, liver disease severity, comorbidities and concomitant medications. In addition, the full control of viral replication (eventually leading to viral clearance, like in most hepatitis C patients) may not always lead to complete control of the associated disease (both hepatic and extrahepatic) and its progression: many open questions remain that warrant further research. Finally, newly emerging (hepatitis E) and re-emerging (hepatitis Delta) types of viral hepatitis pose serious problems in terms of screening and therapy, respectively.

We have structured the 2018 postgraduate course in the form of 6 distinct clinical case discussions, each animated by a leading hepatologist, with the contribution of relevant experts. The aim of this course is to foster the team discussion and management of complex viral hepatitis cases, in the wake of the arrival of new potent antivirals and the WHO strategy of viral hepatitis elimination by the year 2030.

The organisers and the faculty wish you an enjoyable time in Paris and they hope you find the course stimulating and informative.


Maurizia Brunetto,
Francesco Negro, SwitzerlandJean-Michel Pawlotsky, FranceHeiner Wedemeyer, Germany

Postgraduate course programme

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Session 1HBV
Session 2HCV
Session 3HDV
Session 4HEV

Thursday 12 April 2018

Session 5HBV
Session 6HCV
EASL will provide one complimentary printed postgraduate course syllabus to each pre-registered PGC attendee at the entrance of the main plenary hall 7.3.