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This is the ideal opportunity to meet with some of the biggest names in hepatology in a face to face interactive setting!

Invited experts will provide answers to challenging questions from Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 April 2018 (hall 7.3) during 16 informal workshops.

No pre-registration is required, nevertheless seats are limited and access will be given on a first come first served basis.


08:30-09:20 Management of autoimmune hepatitisChairs: Olivier Chazouillères, Michael Manns
09:30-10:20Non invasive tests in liver diseasesChairs: Laurent Castera, Massimo Pinzani
10:30-11:20Management of HCV infection in patients with HCCChairs: Jordi Bruix, Antonio Craxì
12:00-12:50Hepatorenal syndromeChairs: Paolo Angeli, Pere Gines
16:00-16:50Antibiotic stewardship in cirrhosisChairs: Raffaele Bruno, Valentin Fuhrmann
17:00-17:50Achieving alcohol abstinenceChairs: Antonio Gual, Maja Thiele

11:30-12:20Difficult cases of HCV therapy: is there any?Chairs: Xavier Forns, Jean-Michel Pawlotsky
14:00-14:50Prevention of decompensation in cirrhosisChairs: Jaime Bosch, Emmanuel Tsotschatzis
16:00-16:50Portal vein thrombosisChairs: Andrea de Gottardi, Sarwa Darwish Murad
17:00-17:50Alpha-1-Antitrypin deficiencyChairs: Ron Sokol, Pavel Strnad
08:00-08:50Hepatitis B: Should we treat immuntolerant patients?Chairs: Patrick Kennedy, Anna Lok
09:00-09:50Hepatitis B: When to stop NUC therapy?Chairs: Maria Buti, George Papatheodoridis
12:30-13:20Cirrhosis after HCV cureChairs: Roberta D’Ambrosio, Stefan Zeuzem
14:00-14:50Management of patients with chronic hepatitis EChairs: Harry Dalton, Harry Dalton
08:30-09:20Wilson’s DiseaseChairs: Peter Ferenci, Francis Hevia
10:30-11:20Hepatitis Delta: Wait for new drugs or treat now with interferon alfa?Chairs: Grazia Anna Niro, Cihan Yurdaydin