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Come and enjoy a snack and coffee during the breakfast morning rounds to be held Friday 13 and Sunday 15 April 2018, between 07:30-08:20.

With 4 breakfast morning rounds per day in the plenary hall (7.3), you will have no problem finding a case that will interest you.

EASL has invited KOLs who will attend with their junior peers to present a case and to replicate activities that take place at early morning hospital rounds.

A panel of 3 to 4 experts is invited to interact and provide an external view to each case which will undoubtedly animate the discussions.

No pre-registration is required. Free sessions open to all.

Acute liver failure – when to list?Chair: John O’Grady

Case presentation: Upkar Gill

Experts: Patrizia Burra, Frederik Nevens, Fuat Saner
NAFLD – how to achieve weight lossChair: Vlad Ratziu

Case presentation: Fabio Nascimbeni

Experts: Elisabetta Bugisnesi, Jörn Schattenberg, Shira Zelberg-Sagi
Iron overload and hemochromatosis: practical managementChair: Ger H. Koek

Case presentation: Paulien Liedrop

Experts: Paulien Liedrop, Claus Niederau, Felix Stickel
Common complications in liver cirrhosisChair: Thomas Berg

Case presentation: Cornelius Engelmann

Experts: Andres Cardenas, Claire Francoz , Thomas Reiberger

Drug-induced liver injury: How to diagnose, how to treat?Chair: Gerd Kullak-Ublick

Case presentation: Michael Merz

Experts: Raul Andrade, Ann Daly, Michael Trauner
The difficult to treat patient with chronic hepatitis CChair: Kosh Agarwal

Case presentation: Tsai Ow

Experts: Alessio Aghemo, Sabela Lens, Johannes Vermehren
Strictures of the bile ductChair: Ulrich Beuers

Case presentation: Elsemieke de Vries

Experts: Lars Aabakken, Annika Bergquist, Christian Toso
Cirrhotic patient with a single nodule: diagnostic work-up and best treatment option?Common complications in liver cirrhosisChair: Bruno Sangro

Case presentation: Carlota Jordan

Experts: Vincenzo Mazzaferrom, Jens Ricke, Peter Schirmacher