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We are delighted to welcome you to the ILC Basic science seminar for 2018, which is centered on targetable pathways in liver disease. We are currently facing thrilling times, in which pathogenic mechanisms discovered in basic science are rapidly translated into novel concepts in clinical hepatology. We intend to bring leading researchers in basic, translational and clinical research together to discuss the progress in this fast moving and exciting field.

We will cover a broad range of topics in this comprehensive Basic science seminar. We will start with ground-breaking technical advances in pathway discovery, ranging from big data approaches from whole tissue, to single cell transcriptomics, cellular metabolomics and advanced imaging techniques. Afterwards, leading experts share their data on cutting edge hepatology research on new targets in liver metabolism, hepatic inflammation and fibrosis as well as liver tumors. We will close this dense program with presentations on new drug delivery systems, biomarkers and a closing lecture on how to bring a scientific finding into a clinical trial.

We are indebted to our most eminent and world renowned leaders in hepatology and related disciplines for accepting to share their knowledge and opinions with us. We hope this seminar will bring basic and clinical researchers closer together and provide a stimulating platform for discussions. We look forward to welcoming you!


 Helen Reeves, United KingdomCecilia Rodrigues, PortugalFrank Tacke, Germany

Basic science seminar programme